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People ask my almost on a weekly basis why I run and race so much. Depending on my mood, my spontaneous reply to this question is with a question. Either, "why do you get out of bed in the morning?" or "why do you bother walk out the door?”.  But that is simply my "not in the mood answer", for my real answer read on below.

There is something extremely satisfying about setting up long time goals that requires you to challenge yourself to reach it. A goal that that requires a long time commitment and that at first thought seems unatainable, but that is achievable once you put together a plan. Setting up these goals, working hard towards them and then on race day(s) giving it my all, gives me a sense and feeling that I’m in control over my own life. So much more than in other parts of my life. There are no external stake holders that interfere and mess with your goal.

Then there’s the adventure aspect and the joy of doing something completely different from my “normal life”. Often I find it very mentally relaxing to be uncomfortable, I never sleep so well that I do when Im doing stage races even though I'm uncomfortable to a extent that in “normal life” is considered unbearable.

…and to the girls out on pubs that ask why I train so much and do these crazy races. I answer that I'm a real life crossover between James Bond and Lawrence Of Arabia. If the government needs a hero to do a rouge mission that involves traveling a great distance in the wilderness by foot, Im on their shortlist.

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